Sports Related Injuries


Book 3 sessions and receive 5% off

The ability to treat a sporting injury well is dependent on having an understanding about what the sport involves and considering the psychological impact that stopping sport can have on an individual – this is important regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete.

Having worked with Arsenal women’s reserve and first team football players, performers at Tring Park Ballet School, Tabard Rugby and more recently at The Gym and Tonic Club, Radlett, Leanne is well placed to assist you with your recovery and your return to sport.

If you are competing for an event or perform a sport regularly, Distinct Physiotherapy will give you 10% off your initial assessment. You must be able to provide evidence that you are registered to participate.

Please note: Physio prices vary. Self payers are £65 for an initial assessment and follow ups are £50. Insurance contracts may also vary.



  • An acute or new condition
  • A chronic or old condition
  • A recurring injury
  • A movement dysfunction