Distinct Physiotherapy provides treatment for various problems that affect the muscles, nerves and joints of the body for both adults and children. These problems might have occurred following an injury but can also be cumulative.

The aim is to establish the root cause of the symptoms so that it can be treated efficiently allowing you to get back to your previous level of activity, whatever that might be. At the same time, you will be motivated to achieve your goals and hopefully complete your sessions feeling knowledgeable about the problem itself, the exercises that you need to prevent a recurrence of the same problem and confident in your body’s own abilities.

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The concept of what we offer always includes a thorough assessment and tailored treatment plan. However, please take a look below to see if your problem requires a slightly more bespoke assessment.

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Our clinics are fully equipped with the best equipment

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Our treatment plans are tailored perfectly for you

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Our clinics are easily accessible for everyone

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Some distinct success stories


Just a few of our Distinct success stories from happy clients from clinics and home visits.

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