Thank you taking time to heal

physiotherapy st albans
Nov 2018

I just wanted to share this beautiful testimonial with everyone.

I wanted to say thank you, which really doesn’t feel like enough, I want to prove how grateful I am, but really the best way to do that is go dancing and post a ‘boogieselfie’ on the dance floor! (I’m still a way from that but it feels closer than it did!)

To be honest as a person with MANY health complications and having had MANY years of GP’s,  physio’s and various health professionals,  I’ve been passed about, pushed, prodded, tested, tried and left some people stood staring scratching their heads with no clue of where to go next or what try to generally ends in ‘let’s try this medication, this nerve blocker, these anti-inflammatory’s….’ thankfully I had a car accident..doesn’t that sound mad?! But I am thankful, as without that accident I may never have met Leanne! I may not have had the chance to have a caring, professional that truly believes she can help, if she can’t help she will investigate a way TO help, find something that works.

I don’t consider myself to have a disability but Leanne has given me time to heal, worked with me to plan taking into account my physical limitations, not expected too much, understood when I can’t do what she says I need too all the time, and worked round my need to tailor treatment, which she thrives on doing.

She listens, but more than that she hears what your saying and wants to help. I really can’t express what it is you have given me back better than its hope, hope that I can recover… so thank you for helping me be part of your team x


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